amazing dances from around the world

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The Choliya of Uttarakhand

Amazing Dances From Around The World

Dance is an art form that is amazing to look at so here are amazing dances from around the world.
The Choliya of Uttarakhand

In the hills of Uttarakhand, the rhythms and dance reflect the rich martial traditions of the land as well as their mixed and yet prosperous heritage. Chholiya is one such dance that demonstrates the bravado of the warriors, who are the main performers of this dance form. Traditionally, it is performed at Kumaoni weddings and can trace its roots back to the belief that bad spirits follow a happy occasion and must be warded off. The beat of the Chholiya is given by the customary brass instruments such as Bagpipes, Dhol, Damaun and the nine-holed flute. The warriors dance is backed by enthusiastic and upbeat music designed to pump up their spirits and the act also consists of mock fights that they mime with swords in order to scare off the bad omens.

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