amazing staircases around the world

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Amazing Staircases Around the World

Amazing Staircases Around the World
21. Bueren Mountain Belgium
Bueren Mountain is not a real mountain. It is a 374 steps long staircase in Li
22. Stairs Above the Sea Spain
This beautiful staircase is located on the island Gaztelugatxe in Spain. Gaztelugatxe is a tiny islet on the coast of Biscay belonging to the municipality of Bermeo, in Basque Country (Spain).It is connected to the mainland by a man made bridge. On top of the island stands a hermitage that dates from the 10th century, although certain discoveries indicate that the date might be the 9th century.The hermitage is accessed by a narrow path, crossing the solid stone bridge, and going up 237 steps, although other sources cite the number as 229 or 231 steps.
23. Spiral Staircase in Taihang Mountains China
A 300 foot (91,5m) staircase along a mountain face in the Taihang Mountains in Linzhou, China, offer the thrill of mountaineering without the danger. The hike up the stairs provides a great experience one will not easily forget, and no special gear is needed.However, due to safety and health concerns, the management has qualifications before anyone is allowed to ascend. Climbers must be under 60 years of age and are asked to fill out a form confirming that they do not have heart or lung problems.
24. Awaji Hyakudanen Japan
Awaji Yumebutai (or in EnglishStage of Dreams) is a complex array of buildings and other areas located on Awaji Island in Hy?go Prefecture, Japan.One of the of the gardens of Awaji Yumebutai is the 100 level garden (or in Japanese hyakudan
25. Moses Bridge Stairs Netherlands
Early 17th century Fort de Roovere is surrounded by a moat and was originally built without a bridge. Yet, as part of a recent restoration program, it required the addition of an access bridge.Out of respect for the fort
26. Canyon Steps Ecuador
This famous Canyon Staircase is located next to the waterfall Pailon del Diablo in Ecuador. The Pa
27. Santorini Stairway Greece
In 1715, the island inhabitants built a rough stairway into the side of the sheer mountain so they could hike to the summit. Before long, donkeys were enlisted to help carry cargo and passengers to and from the ships and town. In 1930, the stairway was improved and more donkeys were added to aid in the assent and decent. Finally, in 1979, a cable car was installed to automate the process but the most fun ride is still by donkey.The zigzag stairway from sea to city is paved in stone, and because of the many switchbacks, the distance from one end to the other is 1300 meters or 4,265 feet. There are 657 four inch (10 cm) tall steps on the walkway, and this natural stair master provides a very good workout on a sunny day.
28. Schlossberg Stairs Austria
The main attraction in Graz is the Schlossberg (Clock Tower). It stands proud and is visible from all points in the city. Tourists and local visitors need to climb to the top to see the fabulous view of Graz and the surrounding area. The Schlossberg Stairs are located at the far end of Schlossbergplatz.The impressive stairs are cut into the rockface of the Schlossberg Hill and doubles back and forth up to the top of the hill and clock tower. Great views over the city can be enjoyed during the climb up the steps. The 260 steps of the stairs are a much more enjoyable (although tiring!) way to reach the top of the Schlossberg. For the less energetic, you can take the Schlossbergbahn or lift.
29. Potemkin Stairs Ukraine
The Potemkin Stairs is a giant stairway in Odessa, Ukraine. The stairs are considered a formal entrance into the city from the direction of the sea and are the best known symbol of Odessa.Officially known today as the Primorsky Stairs, they were originally known as the Boulevard steps, the Giant Staircase, or the Richelieu steps. The top step is 12.5 metres (41 ft) wide, and the lowest step is 21.7 metres (70.8 ft) wide. The staircase is 27 metres (88.5 ft) high, and extends for 142 metres (465.9 ft), but it gives the illusion of greater length.
30. Haiku Stairs Hawaii USA
The Ha?ik? Stairs, also known as the Stairway to Heaven or Ha?ik? Ladder, is a steep hiking trail on the island of O?ahu.The trail began as a wooden ladder spiked to the cliff on the south side of the Ha?ik? Valley. It was installed in 1942 to enable antenna cables to be strung from one side of the cliffs above Ha?ik? Valley to the other.A building to provide a continuous communication link between Wahiaw? and Ha?ik? Valley Naval Radio Station was constructed at the peak of Pu?ukeahiakahoe, elevation about 2,800 feet (850 m).

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