benefits of durian

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Benefits of Durian

91. How Do You Eat Durian
Durian is usually eaten raw. It can be served in many forms, however and is an ingredient in many cooked dishes. Durian cakes, sauces, ice creams, chips, pastries, pancakes and crepes are all popular in Asia. The fruit is also sometimes fermented in traditional preparations. Durian juice can be extracted, too. Durian seeds, when cooked, are also edible. Raw durian seeds are toxic, however. Do NOT eat them.
92. What is Durian Famous For
In some Southeast Asian cultures, durianpowers nutrition facts have led to its use as a health food. This is spreading to the United States as part of the raw diet movement, as well. In Malaysia, the plant that yields durian fruit is often used in preparations to stop or lower fever. The fruit is also famous for being dangerous to harvest. Imagine a 7 pound, spiky fruit falling on your head from 30 feet up. Durian fruit, despite its foul odor, is gaining popularity in the US. The fruit is an excellent source of protein, fat, fiber, and many vitamins and minerals.
93. Durian is a seasonal fruit
Its season lasts typically from June until August, which coincides with that of the other tropical specific fruits likemangosteen,jackfruit,andmango.The fruit is distinctive for its large size, unique odor, and formidable thorncovered husk. It can reach up to 30 cm (12 in) long and 15 cm (6 in) in diameter, and typically weighs one to four kilograms (two to seven lb). In shape, it varies from round to oblong; color of its husk (rind) is green with brown; and its flesh features creamyyellow to saffron color depending upon the species.
94. Preparation and serving methods
Outer surface of the Durian fruit is fully covered with sharp spikes, capable of causing cuts; it is therefore, one should be careful while handling it. Cut open the fruit longitudinally the same way you do inJackfruitsto expose the underlying creamy yellow pulp. Slice the pulp to remove seeds.

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