benefits of durian

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Benefits of Durian

21. Mangosteens must be eaten with durians to reduce heatiness
According to conventional Chinese wisdom, a mangosteen, being a cooling fruit, will reduce the heatiness associated with durians. However, there is no scientific research to support this. The habit of eating durians and mangosteens together probably stems from the fact that the two fruits are harvested at about the same time.
22. Eating durians and drinking beer at the same time may kill you
There is no scientific evidence to show that this is a lethal combination. It is more likely to cause bloating, indigestion and discomfort as your liver has to work extra hard to metabolise both fats and sugars in the durians and the alcohol, especially if you have consumed both in excessive amounts.
23. Eating durians can boost your libibo
The heatiness in the durian may cause your body temperature to rise, but this does not make the fruit an aphrodisiac.Despite the myths associated with the durian, it remains a highly prized fruit. Durian is a good source of vitamin C that helps in developing resistance against infectious agents and scavenges harmful free radicals.
24. Shopping For Durian
Durian is sold in Asian markets or Asian grocery stores. Look for lightcolored spikes without any dark brown patches or bits of white between the spikes (signs of overripeness). Durian fruit freezes well, and is often exported and sold frozen. Store your durian in the refrigerator or a cool place until you're ready to open it.
25. sweet and buttery taste
Durian fruit has pleasant sweet and buttery taste. But itpowers not only taste that durian fruit known. It has a very good storage of nutrients.Durian fruitcontains a good amount of antioxidants that protect from free radical damage. It also contains a high amount of Vitamin C. Vitamin C increases immunity to fight common disease and infections.
26. Immunity
Durian fruit contains high amounts of Vitamin C. It provides about 33% of the RDA of the daily requirement of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is powerful antioxidants that protect against infectious free radicals. High Vitamin C is required to increase immune system function. Thus it provides immunity towards common disease like cold and flu. It is also effective to protect from infections.
27. Bone Health
Durian fruit contains good amount of calcium that improves bone density and promotes healthy bones. Also it contains high amount of potassium. Potassium is required for development of healthy bone. Potassium balances sodium and thus reduces the loss of calcium through kidney. So potassium directly increases capacity of the body to absorb calcium. Thus it improves bone health and prevents osteoporosis.
28. Improve Sleep
Durian fruit contains amino acids known as Tryptophan a natural sleeping chemical. Tryptophan is required to metabolize serotonin and melatonin. These both Neurochemicals are beneficial in improving mood. So it is effective to relieve stress and headache. Along with it these Neurochemicals promotes deep and healthy sleep. So it is effective to cure sleeping problem and depression.
29. Fight Free radicals
Durian fruit contains good amount of antioxidants. It contains Vitamin Bcomplex, C and E. These antioxidants are important nutrients that make durian fruit healthy. Antioxidants are required to protect the body from oxidative stress. High oxidative stress is caused due to pollution and UV radiation. This process creates free radicals from oxygen molecules.
30. Improve Digestion
Durian fruit contains fiber which provides roughage and improves digestion. Thus it is effective to prevent constipation. it also contains high levels of essential amino acid, tryptophan (also known asnaturepowers sleeping pillpower) which in the body metabolizes into serotonin and melatonin; these neurochemicals have important functions like sleep induction and in the treatment of epilepsy.

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