benefits of durian

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A good source of energy

Benefits of Durian

A good source of energy

100 grams of this fruit satiates about 21% of the daily carbohydrate requirement. Being a rich source of carbohydrates, it is helpful in replenishing your energy levels. The fruit is distinctive for its large size, unique odor, and formidable thorncovered husk. It can reach up to 30 cm (12 in) long and 15 cm (6 in) in diameter, and typically weighs one to four kilograms (two to seven lb). In shape, it varies from round to oblong; color of its husk (rind) is green with brown; and its flesh features creamyyellow to saffron color depending upon the species.

Aids in digestion Thiamin 61%
Durians can cause weight gain
History of Durian
It helps to remove toxins in the blood
Health Benefits
Helps maintain a healthy thyroid Copper 25%
Fight Free radicals
Mosquito repellent drugs
Anti aging
Promotes healthy skin Vitamin C 80%
Durian Cakes and candies
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