benefits of durian

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Benefits of Durian

Durian fruit
Health Benefits
Interesting Durian Facts
A good source of energy
Acts as a natural anti depressant
For healthy bones and teeth
Aids in delaying aging
For a healthy digestive system
Maintaining blood sugar levels
Maintaining blood pressure levels
Beneficial for Anaemic patients
Helps to prevent cardiovascular diseases
For a better libido
Durians can cause weight gain
Durians are rich in nutrients
People with diabetes must limit their durian intake
Durians are instant energisers
Durians are loaded with cholesterol
Mangosteens must be eaten with durians to reduce heatiness
Eating durians and drinking beer at the same time may kill you
Eating durians can boost your libibo
Shopping For Durian
sweet and buttery taste
Bone Health
Improve Sleep
Fight Free radicals
Improve Digestion
Durian Nutritional value
Anti aging
Sexual dysfunction
Cancer prevention
A few Words of Warning
Calories and Fat
Carbohydrates and Fiber
Vitamins and Minerals
Age In Reverse
The Fat of the Matter
Good source of vitamin C
Natural aphrodisiac
High in beneficial fats
Analgesic and antibiotic properties
Bursting with nutrients
Purchasing advice
Promotes healthy skin Vitamin C 80%
Aids in digestion Thiamin 61%
Regulates blood sugar levels Manganese 39%
Helps fight depression Vitamin B6 38%
Avoids and relieves constipation Fiber 37%
Helps maintain healthy bones Potassium 30%
Helps relieve migraine Riboflavin 29%
Promotes healthy pregnancy Folate 22%
Helps maintain a healthy thyroid Copper 25%
Relaxes nerves and muscles Magnesium 18%
Helps prevent anemia Folate
Provides vitamins to the body
Helps in curing jaundice
Helps in Detoxification of blood
Improves the general wellbeing
Improves power function
Helps in Antiinflammatory activity
Antioxidant Activity
Mosquito repellent drugs
Encourage stronger immune system
Good source of energy
Prevents premature aging
Acts as Natural sleeping pills
Preventing cancer diabetes heart disease and inhibit tumor growth
Boosts Brain Power
Assist in Avoiding bellyful Morning Sickness
Help in Preventing stress
It helps to remove toxins in the blood
It helps to fight inflammation
the harmful effects of free radicals
More about Durian
Climate and site selection
Air humidity
History of Durian
Durian Cakes and candies
Durian Seeds
Flavour and odour
How Do You Eat Durian
What is Durian Famous For
Durian is a seasonal fruit
Preparation and serving methods
More ...

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