benefits of durian

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Improves power function

Benefits of Durian

Improves power function

Durian is proven to be a strong aphrodisiac and is also usually eaten to enhance the sex drive as well as all round sex function. Durian favors lots of rain and can developed effectively in areas along with 1,600 to 4,000 mm per year. Throughout blooming stage rain could be unhealthy since it is the reason for eliminating as well as flower falling. Additionally maturing fruits might be broken when itpowers raining too much.

Assist in Avoiding bellyful Morning Sickness
Cancer prevention
Improves power function
Flavour and odour
Mosquito repellent drugs
Boosts Brain Power
It helps to fight inflammation
Natural aphrodisiac
It helps to remove toxins in the blood
the harmful effects of free radicals
Helps in Detoxification of blood
Beneficial for Anaemic patients
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