benefits of endives

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Cooking & Storage Tips

Benefits of Endives

Cooking & Storage Tips

Use endives raw in salads or cook them just like spinach. Since endive is slightly bitter, it adds zest to a mixed salad.Crispiness, tenderness and freshness determine the quality of endive. This can be found by breaking or twisting a leaf.Do not drink plain endive juice, since it is in bitter taste. Mix it with other vegetable juices, to make it extra effective in nourishment of the optic nerves and muscular system.Wash endive leaves thoroughly under running water, to remove dirt and sand before consuming it.

Endives plant
Cooking & Storage Tips
Heart health
Endive juice
Medicinal Uses of Endive
Treats eye complications
Takes Care of Liver and Gall Bladder
Treats Acute Asthma
Therapeutic Uses of Endives
Makes Teeth and Bones Stronger
Endive helps in regulating blood sugar levels
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