benefits of ginger

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Benefits of Ginger

41. Ginger in Various health problems
Ginger has anti-oxidant, anti inflammatory, antiseptic,anti viral properties.It also reduces cholesterol, prevents blood clotting, promotes blood thinning.
42. Pain
People suffering from?back ache?and?head ache?can eat small ginger piece fried in spoonful of ghee every night before sleeping for 20 days.It relieves from the pain.
43. Reduces ear pain
Pouring 2 or 3 drops of warm ginger juice in ear, reduces?ear pain.
44. Migraine
To get relief from?migraine, mix ginger juice and pinch of saffron.Now pour 3 or 4 drops of this mixture in the nostril on side of pain.
45. Acidity and Flatulence
To get relief from?acidity?and?flatulence, shallow fry ginger pieces and cumin seeds in ghee and eat in the morning on empty stomach.
46. menstrual problems
Dried ginger and dried dates helps in curing?menstrual problems?in women.
47. Nausea caused by chemotherapy
Ginger supplements administered alongside anti-vomiting medications can reduce chemotherapy-induced nausea symptoms by 40%.
48. Liver damage caused by acetaminophen
Scientists at the National Research Centre in Egypt wanted to determine whether ginger pretreatment might reduce the incidence of acetaminophen-induced liver damage in rats.
49. Relieves Tired Muscles
The sort of muscle tiredness you get after strength training is the type that ginger works best on.
50. Helps Manage Glucose Levels
ginger can help keep blood glucose levels in check. This is important because these levels have a direct impact on weight loss and weight gain, as well as how energetic or lethargic you feel throughout the day.

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