benefits of nectarine

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Benefits of Nectarine


Nectarines are similar to peaches but have a smooth skin. Eating nectarines is a healthy way to include many vitamins and minerals in your diet, and a mediumsized nectarine only has 60 calories. Choose a firm nectarine for a nutritious snack, or serve them sliced with a drizzle of honey for a nutrientpacked dessert.Nectarines are similar to plums or peaches, but they are orange or orangered in color when ripe and have a smooth firm skin. They are slightly larger than plums, and about the same size as mature peaches.

Prevention of hypokalemia
Selection and storage
Cellular health
Heart Health
Eye care
Antioxidant defense
Good source of betacarotene
Food for pregnancy
Reduces cellular damage
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