benefits of onions

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Get rid of lice and hair fall

Benefits of Onions

Get rid of lice and hair fall

Use onion juice on the hair or the scalp to get rid of lice and hair fall. This is one of the most prominent of onion benefits for hair. When onions are simmered to make soup, their quercetin does not get degraded. It simply gets transferred into the water part of the soup. By using a low heat method for preparing onion soup, you can preserve the health benefits of onion that are associated with this key flavonoid.

Support for Bone and Connective Tissue
Use in Ear Problems
Anti ageing Benefits
To Increase Mothers Milk
Improvement of blood sugar balance
Used for toothaches
Help in joints
Cure for fever
Use in Baldness
Tricks to remove dark patchesor pigments
Lightens the Complexion
Treatment of Hair Loss and Dandruff
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