benefits of radicchio

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Radicchio is lactucopicrin

Benefits of Radicchio

Radicchio is lactucopicrin

The bitter principle in radicchio is lactucopicrin (intybin), a sesquiterpene lactone which is a potent antimalarial agent and has asedative and analgesic (painkiller) effect. Green radicchios subtle bitterness compliments fatty, salty and tart ingredients such as citrus, pears, cream based dressings, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, pork, anchovies, garlic, polenta and robust cheeses. To store keep refrigerated in plastic and use within two to three weeks.

How to Tame Radicchio
Quercetin and hesperidin
Radicchio can help lower ones blood pressure
How to Choose Radicchio
Excellent source of phenolic flavonoid antioxidants
Radicchio can help fight against malaria
Excellent source of vitamin K
High fiber content
Radicchio is a red leafy type of vegetable
Weight Loss
Uses and Benefits
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