best geek gift ideas and gadgets for christmas

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Rubiks Cube

Best Geek Gift Ideas and Gadgets For Christmas

Best Geek Gift Ideas and Gadgets For Christmas
Rubiks Cube

The worlds most famous puzzle is the still the best selling puzzle of all time. Billions of combinations, only one solution. The Rubiks Cube continues to challenge young and old geeks alike. While it has 43 quintillion possible moves, it can always be solved in just a few moves.

IP Address Door Mat
Key Bag
Victorinox Secure Pro USB drive
Yoda and Darth Vader Lightsaber Chopsticks Set
iPhone App Magnets
iCade iPad Arcade Cabinet
Lego Minifig Foosball Table
Yoda Plush Backpack
Star Trek bottle opener
Beard hat
Star Wars Death Star Planetarium
Layers Frame Horizontal
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