best gurudwaras in india you must visit

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Gurdwara Data Bandi Chod Sahib

Best Gurudwaras in India You Must Visit

best Gurudwaras which you must visit at least once in your lifetime .
Gurdwara Data Bandi Chod Sahib

This Gurdwara located in Gwalior, MP, is given the name Bandi Chod because it signifies the release of 52 Rajput rulers who were imprisoned in the Gwalior fort. The sixth Sikh guru, Guru Hargobind Singh Ji stayed in the Gwalior fort to pray for Jahangirs health where he met these rulers and decided to help them to get freed. Consisting of 6 storeys made up of entire marble and having doors made up of gold, this Gurdwara was constructed in 1968 and Sant Baba Uttam Singh Ji was given the charge of its construction. The Gurdwara is specifically popular for its beautiful Palki Sahib and a Sikh museum Darshan Deorahi.

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