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PicLab HD

Best Photo Apps

We select the best photo apps for iPhone, iPad and Android from cool cameras to photo editor tools.
PicLab HD

PicLab HD is a nifty app for creating those inspiring images that you get all over the internet these days. You know, the ones featuring a photo probably with at least one retro filter applied with a helpful aphorism layered over the top in an attractive, friendly typeface. Yeah, those. PicLab HD makes them an absolute doddle, enabling you to either snap a photo or grab one from your photo library, then go to town on it.
As well as adding typography lots of fonts and full control over size, positioning, opacity, rotation, and colour you can also layer illustrations, ornamentation and other design elements on top of your image. PicLab HD features full layer based editing and also packs plenty of tools for making your original photo look its best, with loads of lighting and film effects to choose from as well as preset photo filters and adjustment tools for fine tuning the brightness, contrast, exposure, saturation, and the blur level of your photos.

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