best street artists in the world

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Best Street Artists In The World

Best Street Artists In The World
61. M City
M City creates huge stencil based images with a heavy industrial aesthetic, with beauty in the details. Its like looking at satellite images
62. Space Invader
One of the longer established and better known street artists, Invaders mosaic tiles can be found in cities around the world. The creation of a real world game (of hunting the invaders) from an electronic game character is a fun twist. As simple as they are, the space invaders still manage to bring personality, and often have a local flavor.
63. Aakash Nihalani
Aakash Nihalani creates geometric shapes with brightly colored tape, from simple illusions of cubes to very complex patterns. Some of the pieces incorporate people or an aspect of the wall into the illusion.
64. Claudio Ethos
Ethos paints surreal scenes with monochromatic characters, often with photo realistic faces, amid a swirl of imagination.
65. Ericailcane
Ericailcane paints huge, detailed anthropomorphic animals in a style that reminds me of animations in old childrens books; theres a fantasy and wonder about them.
66. EVOL
EVOL, like Boxi, is a master of stencils; he creates life like buildings from electric boxes or bare walls by stenciling windows and balconies. In photos of the work, its often hard to tell that youre not looking at real buildings.
67. Boxi
Boxi and EVOL (previous) take stencil based street art to a new level with multiple layers and photo like detail. Boxis work typically conveys a haunting, post apocalyptic world, but there are frequently charming touches of humanity. His hazmat suited character with a shopping list is particularly wonderful.
68. Interesni Kazki
Amazingly under known, Interesni Kazki is a Ukrainian duo (AEC & Waone) that paints huge, incredibly complex murals that you could look at for hours and still see new elements.
69. Vhils
Vhils powerful portraits are created by subtraction rather than addition: he etches, tears or acid burns the surface, which adds a depth and character from the wall to the image that you dont see with paint. Most recently, hes started using explosives to etch shapes.
70. Sam3
Sam3 is most famous for his fluid silhouette figures, which despite lacking facial expressions, still manage to convey struggling, striving, loving. Theres a magic about his work.

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