best time travel films

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The Time Machine 1960

Best Time Travel Films

The Best Time Travel Films of All Time .
The Time Machine 1960

Where Do They Start? 1900, where George, aka H.G. Wells (Rod Taylor), decides to try out his prototype time machine.Where Do They End Up? 1917, 1940, 1966 and then 802,701.Biggest Culture Clash. Humanity in the future is split into the primitive Eloi and the savage Morlocks.Unresolved Paradox. George tells his friend all about World Wars 1 & 2. They couldve passed on the message.

Flight of the Navigator 1986
Back to The Future Part 3 1990
Daleks Invasion Earth 2150 AD 1966
Run Lola Run 1998
The Navigator A Medieval Odyssey 1988
Time Crimes 2007
Army of Darkness The Medieval Dead 1992
Frequency 1999
Les Visiteurs 1993
Triangle 2009
Galaxy Quest 1999
Escape From The Planet of the Apes 1971
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