best wedding dresses in the world

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Madonnas Stella McCartney Dress

Best Wedding Dresses in the World

Best Wedding Dresses in the World
Madonnas Stella McCartney Dress

For her 2000 wedding to director Guy Ritchie, Madonna wore an $80,000 dress designed by her friendStella McCartney, who (while it can t be verified), probably gave her a very friendly discount. This strapless dress was made of ivory colored silk. She also wore an antique lace veil and a 37 carat diamond cross necklace. If that doesn t sound pricey enough, she also accessorized her look, wearing a $72,000, 19 carat antique French diamond bracelet, which was given to her by Ritchie as a wedding gift. To top it off, she wore a 1910 Asprey tiara, which cost $250,000. But she didn t buy the tiara; it was only loaned to her.

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