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Perfect your handshake

Carrer Success Tips

A career coach gives advice to help you land your dream job.
Perfect your handshake

Since touch is the most powerful and primitive nonverbal cue, its worth devoting time to cultivating a great handshake. The right handshake can give you instant credibility and the wrong one can cost you the job or the contract. So, no dead fish or bone crusher grips, please. The first makes you appear to be a wimp and the second signals that you are a bully.

Dont Beat Yourself Up
Make Career Planning an Annual Event
Dont Be Afraid to Ask for Help
Maintain positive eye contact
Widen your stance
Online Networking
Review Career and Job Trends
Get Off To a Good Start
Research Further Career Job Advancement Opportunities
Play Nice
Map Your Path Since Last Career Planning
Communicate with your supervisor
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