celebration of rakshabandhan

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Historical occurrences and mentions 3

Celebration of Rakshabandhan

Raksha Bandhan is a Hindu festival that celebrates the love and duty between brothers and sisters.
Historical occurrences and mentions 3

King Bali and Goddess Laxmi According to a legend the Demon King Bali was a great devotee of Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu had taken up the task to guard his kingdom leaving his own abode in Vaikunth. Goddess Lakshmi wished to be with her lord back in her abode. She went to Bali disguised as a woman to seek refuge till her husband came back.
During the Shravan Purnima celebrations, Lakshmi tied the sacred thread to the King. Upon being asked, she revealed who she was and why she was there. The king was touched by her goodwill for his family and her purpose and requested the Lord to accompany her. He sacrificed all he had for the Lord and his devoted wife.
Thusdevotion to the Lord. It is said that since then it has been a tradition to invite sisters in Shravan Purnima for the thread tying ceremony or the Raksha Bandhan.

A big celebration of patriarchal tradition
Rakhi Thali
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Raksha Bandhan
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Mantra for Raksha Bandhan
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