celebrities who are flying solo this valentines day

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Liam Hemsworth

Celebrities Who Are Flying Solo This Valentines Day

Stars Flying Solo This Valentine's Day. With celebrity relationships ending at a rate of days.
Liam Hemsworth

Liam Hemsworth could be single this Valentines Day. Or if rumors are to be believed, he could be very much in love again. Recent reports have linked Hemsworth with Nina Dobrev. However, the couple is yet to confirm if they are really seeing each other or if their relationship just another passing friendship. Before Dobrev, Hemsworth could be seen going around Eiza Gonzalez. The pair had broken up in November 2013. But it did not take Hemsworth very long to find a date for himself. With looks like that, this is to be expected Wonder when Hemsworth will come out in the open and say that he is officially dating Dobrev?

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