cutest and pretty dogs

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Cutest and Pretty Dogs

I know,they are so cute that I am going to scream about their cuteness.
1. Curious Cookiesandcreamador
This extremely intelligent dog will pick up on every word you say. Youll need to find new words forwalk,treat, andball!
2. Bat Earred Doxieman
If you take this pup out in public, high-pitched squeals will occur at a rate of 64.8 per hour.
3. Sunkissed Floppy Doo Terrier
Adopt this perpetually cheerful breed of pooch only if you can tolerate happiness in its purest form.
4. Black Lickador
Members of this breed will not stop until they have adequately licked everyone in their new family.
5. The Bald Bassenauhua
This dog has internal radar for cold laps. Trust usits science.
6. Nimbus McFluffer
Adopt this special mutt breed only if youd like to cuddle with a warm fluffy cloud of affection.
7. Bearded Beauty
This medium-sized dog is known for striking catwalk-worthy poses at all times. Warning: You may become intoxicated by this breeds beauty.
8. Bear Faced Bigalee Boo
This mixed breed has so many adorable traits that not everyone will be able to handle the super-sized charm.
9. Munchador Terrier
Adopt this breed only if your living situation allows for the inevitable high-pitched squeals of delight that will occur each time a visitor sees that impossibly cute underbite.
10. Earnest Ear Wonderdog
Once this sweet mutt enters his or her forever home, all family members will become expert cuddlers within 48 hours.

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