daily meditation can improve your life

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Lightening the Load

Daily Meditation can Improve your Life

Lightening the Load

In a stressed state, it is easy to lose touch with inner peace, compassion and kindness; in a relaxed state, your mind is clear and you can connect with a deeper sense of purpose and altruism. Meditation and medication are derived from the Latin word medicus, to care or to cure. A time of quiet calmness is, therefore, the most effective remedy for a busy and overworked mind. Anytime you feel stress rising, heart closing, mind going into overwhelm, just bring your focus to your breathing and quietly repeat with each in- and out-breath: Breathing in, I calm the body and mind; breathing out, I smile.

Awakening Forgiveness
Gives You a Glimpse of Infinity
Feel your body parts
Makes You a Master of Time
Living With Kindness
Dissolving Anger and Fear
Be Grateful at the end
Read a book on meditation
Meditate early in the morning
Make better choices for yourself
Appreciating Appreciation
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