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Digital Marketing Trends

Here's a list of digital marketing trends that all social media managers should know to inform their
1. Customer experience trumps all
Customer experience is the number one initiative for most digital marketers. 22% stated it was the single most exciting opportunity of the year.
2. Still experimenting with digital
69% of marketers will be experimenting heavily with digital over the next year which is an increase from 64% the year before. Why are we still experimenting with digital? Implementation over experimentation.
3. Content marketing is exciting but hasnt grown
Content marketing still remains an exiting initiative for most digital marketers. 15% believe it is the single most exciting initiative for 2015. It was 15% in 2014 as well.
4. Video is growing as an exciting opportunity
5% of marketers believe that video is the single most exciting initiative in 2015 compared to 3% in 2014.
5. Focus on customer experience is non geo specific
North American (24%), Europe (21%) and Asia (21%) all believe that customer experience is their primary objective for 2015.
6. The rise of marketing automation
Focus on marketing automation is rising across all geographies with the increased need for nurturing in both B2B and B2C environments.
7. CX
More than three-quarters (78%) of respondents are attempting to differentiate their company through an increased focus on the customer experience.
8. The decrease in demand gen and increase in CX
The focus will not be centered around demand generation or inbound marketing. It is about education and revitalizing the customer experience.
9. Customer experience is your only differentiator
5% of companies are NOT using the customer experience as a differentiating factor. Which is 100% crazy.
10. Pricing is not a differentiator
Only 5% of marketers believe they will be able to set themselves apart with their pricing strategies. This places heavier emphasis on customer experience as a differentiating tactic.

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