dussehra celebration

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Dussehra Celebration

The tenth day of the Navaratri festival is known as Dussehra in India.

In Karnataka, Ayudha Puja, on the ninth day of Dasha Hara, is celebrated with the worship of implements used in daily life such as computers, books, vehicles, or kitchen tools. Buses, trucks and machines in factories are decorated.The effort to see the divine in the tools and objects one uses in daily life is central to this celebration, so it includes all tools that help one earn one livelihood. Knowledge workers go for books, pen or computers, farmers the plough and other agricultural tools, machinery for industrialists and cars/buses/trucks for the transportation workers all are decorated with flowers and worshiped on this day invoking God blessing for success in coming years.It is believed that any new venture such as starting of business or purchasing of new household items on this day is bound to succeed.

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