enjoy christmas day

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Go to church if you normally do this

Enjoy Christmas Day

Enjoy Christmas Day
Go to church if you normally do this

This will allow you to spend Christmas with others. Also it will mean that you will think more about the real meaning of Christmas and discover it is just as special whether you have hundreds of people to celebrate with or no one at all. If you are lonely, go to church services at three different churches on the day and see which is your best.

Love the Scrooges
Have a homemade Christmas
Decorate for Christmas
Volunteer at a church or hospital or even a jail to help make other peoples Christmas special
Bake bustle and bedeck
Have a swap evening with friends in the run up to Christmas
Love yourself and love the season but focus on others
Send Christmas cards or Christmas emails out to as many people as you can
As it is Christmas you could take this opportunity to stay up late
Spread good cheer
Buy yourself some gifts
Get your favorite DVD of all time to watch or one you have been dying to see
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