enjoy christmas day

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Buy yourself some gifts

Enjoy Christmas Day

Enjoy Christmas Day
Buy yourself some gifts

It s normal to buy things for yourself all through the year, so it s just fine to treat yourself at Christmas too. The great thing about buying gifts for yourself is that you get exactly what you want in the color, shape and size you want. Wrap the gifts up using great Christmas paper and put them under the tree to open on Christmas morning. Even though you know what they are, it s still fun to have new special things on Christmas.

Christmas works on any budget
Love the Scrooges
Volunteer at a church or hospital or even a jail to help make other peoples Christmas special
Have a homemade Christmas
Decorate for Christmas
The perfect gift
Find the sacred moments and dont be afraid to cry
Send Christmas cards or Christmas emails out to as many people as you can
As it is Christmas you could take this opportunity to stay up late
Enjoy the food
It isnt an intellectual debate
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