enjoy christmas day

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Decorate for Christmas

Enjoy Christmas Day

Enjoy Christmas Day
Decorate for Christmas

While it may seem unusual to decorate when you re by yourself, it is a great way to get into the Christmas spirit and lift your own spirits. Choose your favorite decorations, or go out an purchase some new ones if you don t have any. If you enjoy making things, you can also make your own Christmas decorations for a special touch. Put up your tree, hang decorations around the house and string up a garland or two. Put some lights out the front that way, they can be shared with everyone who goes past.

Plan a great Christmas meal
Have a homemade Christmas
Volunteer at a church or hospital or even a jail to help make other peoples Christmas special
Its only commercialized if you let it be
Bake bustle and bedeck
Give your time
Find the sacred moments and dont be afraid to cry
It isnt an intellectual debate
Get your favorite DVD of all time to watch or one you have been dying to see
The perfect gift
Love the Scrooges
Plan a peaceful rendezvous with nature
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