enjoy christmas day

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Love the Scrooges

Enjoy Christmas Day

Enjoy Christmas Day
Love the Scrooges

They are there and you will hear them. There are people for whom there s always something wrong with something, and this is just the next something. Same issue, new venue. Get your mantras ready. Here s one I use, with my big holiday smile That s okay. I ll enjoy it for you then, and get twice as much fun out of it As if it were a zerosum universe.

Get festive
Go to church if you normally do this
Its all about warm feelings
It isnt an intellectual debate
Bake bustle and bedeck
Decorate for Christmas
Get your favorite DVD of all time to watch or one you have been dying to see
Send Christmas cards or Christmas emails out to as many people as you can
Find the sacred moments and dont be afraid to cry
Enjoy the food
Plan a great Christmas meal
Spread good cheer
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