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tips for the day of your exam to boost your exam performance.
81. And it doesnt just work for English either
Ive used an English essay exam question as an example, but your teen could use this technique for all word based subjects. It probably wouldnt be applicable to math or other pure number subjects.
For example, Chris is using it to study for his med school exams. He wont be writing out essays, but he is using questions like flash cards to prompt short answers. Im planning on using this technique a lot during my upcoming exam study, and I hope your teen makes good use of it too.
82. How To Make Your Teens Study More ManageableAnd Productive
There arent many short cuts available to your teen when it comes to study. Theyre going to get out what they put in. But, there is something you can help your teen with that can improve their grades MASSIVELY. Not only will this change help your teen keep up to date with their homework, it will help them study consistently throughout the year. It will make their exam study far more manageable, less scary, and more effective. To help your teen jump up at least one full grade in their exams this semester, sit down this week with them and make a weekly timetable.
83. Why is this so important
Because our brains like patterns. Love them even. Even if we dont want to admit it, we love consistency. And a weekly timetable will help lay out a study routine for your teen. If your teen is in the habit of not studying and not doing their homework on a regular basis theyre not likely to break the mould. Even if you start off lightly and build up the number of hours towards exam time , your teen will begin to think around their study timetable. If they know when they should be doing something, theres a much better chance that theyll actually do it
84. So have a go at making a study timetablewith your teen
Thats all Im asking. You can draw it or make it on the computer, it doesnt matter. What is important is that it includes everything your teen has on in an average week of school.
Start by filling in their school hours, then their extracurricular activities, also dinner, and any other commitments they have on during the week.
Then, fill in when theyre going to do extra study. This isnt homework time, this is going over stuff from class time. Last week I talked about the magic hour of study per week. Depending on where your teen is at academically, they may need to do more than this.
Id much rather your teen be consistently doing small chunks of study, than massive chunks sporadically. Doing this will keep them on track throughout the year, and make their exam a million times easier.
85. Now the REALLY IMPORTANT part is that your teen sticks to this timetable
Sticking to a routine and being consistent in their study habits is what will propel your teen forward.
Getting used to studying and doing homework regularly is going to get your teen the grades theyre capable of.
For extra brownie points all round, make a few copies of the timetable and stick it around your house on the fridge, on your teens door, and in their room so that they feel accountable, and are therefore far more likely to stick to their timetable. This is just another thing thats incredibly simple to do, yet can make a huge difference to your teens grades.
86. How to Secure More Marks In The Last Week of Exam Study
With exams just around the corner we know how stressful things can get. Especially when youve got a number of teens at high school.
If this is a position youre in at the moment may the force be with you. Hopefully your teen is going OK and isnt too stressed.
If they are panicking, weve got a tip for them to help remember much more in the last few days leading up to each exam.
87. Make a Cheat Sheet
No, were not saying your teen should smuggle in bits of paper into the exam. A Cheat Sheet is something your teen should prepare in the last few days before each exam.
Its purpose is to help your teen remember things that are hard to remember. Content such as facts, important peoples names, place names, subject specific terminology, formulas, processes all of those fun things.
Most students find it easier to remember more conceptual content well, once they understand it that is. But there are parts in most subjects that require students to just know something.
Unfortunately, these things can usually only be rote learned, rather than inherently understood.
For example, as part of writing a history essay, your teen will need to back up what they say with evidence such as peoples and place names, dates, etc.
88. This stuff can be a pain to study because you just have toknow it
Our solution? Create a Cheat Sheet.
So we want your teen to write down on a piece of paper all of these fact type things theyll need to know for their upcoming exam.
Any and all facts that they can think of. Then in any down time your teen has before the exam they need to read over their Cheat Sheet. Perhaps before they go to bed, when theyre having lunch, or even when theyre not driving. in the car.
The idea is that these tricky bits of information will soak in over the last few days before the exam.
89. We found it really helpful to go over our Cheat Sheet just before our exams too
Waiting outside an exam room is a horrible business.
We dont recommend ever studying new information in this time its way too late. What will be will be.
But looking over a Cheat Sheet will give your teen something to do, and let them consolidate all those nasty little facts they need to remember.
If they want to be really sneaky as soon as they get into the exam room they can jot down the ones they always struggle to remember on the inside cover of their paper. When the time comes during the exam they need that bit of information, itll be right there staring them in the face.
Using colour in a Cheat Sheet helps some students particularly visual learners, as they come to associate a certain fact with a specific colour. Its worth giving this a go anyway irrespective of what your teens predominant learning style is.
90. Get Top Marks With Simple Exam Answers
Studying hard for their exams is not the only thing your teen needs to do in order to be well prepared.
They also need to dedicate time to planning how theyre going to answer their exam questions.
Because theres actually a right and a wrong way to tackle exam questions.
And this is most apparent with short answer questions those requiring one or two lines maximum , and long answer questions those requiring possibly a paragraph or two .

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