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How to Maintain Concentration While Studying

Exam Tips

tips for the day of your exam to boost your exam performance.
How to Maintain Concentration While Studying

Hopefully your teen is using these tips to build their Study Formula. This means theyre figuring out what study techniques work specifically for them.
A Study Formula is basically a study routine. We want your teen to get in the habit of using the same study techniques every time they sit down to study.
Once their study habits are set, studying becomes a whole lot easier.
As your teens Study Formula takes form they should find that studying is no longer a horribly daunting task, because they know what to do they understand how to study.
Also, having a Study Formula and study routine will make it that much easier for them to maintain concentration. The two go hand in hand.
Last week we introduced the first four of our concentration inducing practices for you to share with your teen. Now its time for the last four.

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