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There is good news though

Exam Tips

tips for the day of your exam to boost your exam performance.
There is good news though

There IS a way for your teen to make everything simpler. This method streamlines your teens study. It helps them focus on whats really important. Its something good studiers utilise all the time. To have the best chance of getting good grades this year, your teen needs to develop a Study Formula.
For those of you who have completed our Straight As email course, you will already have heard me harp on about the importance of your teen developing their Study Formula.
Because its something so central to the mastery of good studying, I want to reiterate the main points of Study Formulas here.

Stick to your time schedule
Why is this so important
The Simple Solution To Procrastination
The result
Our goal simply needs to be to get them to procrastinate less
Hard facts and flash cards
There is good news though
How To Write Incredibly Bad Study Notes
But wont my teen miss something
Get Top Marks With Simple Exam Answers
This method gives your teen focus
So have a go at making a study timetablewith your teen
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