expensive things youll need in your dream house

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A kitchen trap door leading to a huge underground wine cellar

Expensive Things Youll Need In Your Dream House

Expensive Things Youll Need In Your Dream House
A kitchen trap door leading to a huge underground wine cellar

Your kitchen can certainly make way for that prized underground wine cellar of yours, provided your architect plans it out that way. No doubt great innovation that takes you down a few stories that hoard hundreds of bottles of the best and rarest vintage wines in your collection. The winding staircase is intelligently designed with racks on the sides that preserve your precious liquids for years together. It also saves you the trouble of having to walk to your cellar from elsewhere in the house especially with guests around. Your cook can simply lift out whatever is required and pass it on to the dining table.

A relaxing ceiling hammock for lazy naps
Finally this amazing familysized home theater with star gazing moon roof and big leather sofas
An entire room dedicated to sleepovers with a fireplace
A small cozy reading nook under the stairs for quiet afternoons
This amazing space saving bookshelf for your office
This multi layered family sized pool and beachhouse so you can throw the best pool parties in the whole town
A three story climbing wall built into the stairwell
inside are more books and a secret storage compartment beneath the bed
A swimming pool that doubles as a home theater
A treehouse themed kids room where the bed is burrowed in the treehouse
This sneaky refrigerator under your kitchen island
Useful hidden storage areas beneath the guest room
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