eye catching minimalist nail art designs

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Another Case of a Pop of Neon

Eye Catching Minimalist Nail Art Designs

The Eye Catching Minimalist Nail Art Designs How to apply makeup correctly.
Another Case of a Pop of Neon

Here is another example of what a pop of neon could to the final look of your nails. The color applied here too is a dull grey, no doubt with a certain shine that somewhat enhances the loveliness of the nail color. But with the pop of neon designed in a triangular shape across the nails, the grey color on the nails suddenly become eyecatchy. The amount of neon on the nails is just a bit, but even so, this little amount is enough to transform the nails from being boring to becoming bright and attractive. Also, note the variation in the size of the triangles on alternate nails. Lovely variety for sure.

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Another Case of a Pop of Neon
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