famous party cities in the world

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Famous Party Cities In The World

Mostly people prefer those places that are well developed and full of entertainment as well.
31. Istanbul Turkey
After spending a long day exploring the historical architecture and ruins of Istanbul, it might be awfully tempting to crash early in your hotel room. Doing so would be a crime, however, as the city takes on a whole new and constantly changing face after dark. Where should you go? Who knows, since the next hottest club is probably being built as we speak.
32. Bangkok Thailand
One club, 4 distinct floors featuring different music and atmospheres, rooftop access, and all you can drink beer for a couple bucks. Thats just some of the many things you can expect from a night on the town in Bankok.
33. Tokyo Japan
Home of one of the greatest nightclubs of all time, Tokyo (and specifically, its nightlife) is a testament to the work hard play hard mentality. To kickstart your travel plans, look into the infamous Womb nightclub, whose lineup is always a veritable whos who in the global electronic music scene.
34. Cape Town South Africa
When it comes to nightlife in Cape Town, Long Street is where its at (and coincidentally, its actually a rather long street packed with bars and clubs). There youll find everything from chill bohemian hangouts to energetic live bands, and of course, wonderfully named clubs like the Purple Turtle and Fiction.
35. Koh Phangan Thailand
Island paradise by day, rager to the break of dawn by night, Koh Phangan is rapidly becoming one of the worlds top destinations for its party scene. Time it around their Full Moon Party, and youll be in for an endurance test of Olympic proportions.
36. Miami Florida
The home of Ultra Music Festival, Miami has been a hub for the party and club scene since before anyone can remember. Though that lapse in memory might have something to do with having partied in Miami.
37. Budapest Hungary
Just when you thought foam was a novel addition to your club experience, Budapest has put itself on the map with Bath Parties. And honestly, what could possibly be better than partying with a bunch of attractive Europeans in the warm comforts of a giant bath. Rubber ducky not recommended.
38. Austin Texas
Keep Austin Weird is the citys slogan, but make no mistake, theres nothing weird about how awesome the party scene is there. With hundreds of music venues touting the most exclusive lineups in everything from Jazz to Rock, EDM to Metal, youll have no problem finding the kind of night on the town youre looking for.
39. Barcelona Spain
Madrids other half, word on the street is that Barcelona might just go a little harder, a little longer, and a little more often than its inland sister. Make good use of that siesta, since the clubs dont really pick up until 2 3 AM and you probably wont be getting back to your hotel until about the time youd normally be heading out for work.
40. St Tropez France
One of the only places in the world where that blonde girl in the club that youre certain is Paris Hilton, is actually Paris Hilton, St. Tropez is where all the celebrities go to park their yachts and party. Seriously. Just ask regulars like Leonardo DiCaprio, Chris Brown, Rihanna, and Hugh Jackman.

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