fast and furious cars in the world

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Buick Grand National

Fast and Furious Cars in the world

Everyone expected The Fast and The Furious to be a popular movie, but no one expected it to spawn.
Buick Grand National

Some of you may be scratching your heads right now asking what in this world is this car doing on this list . Fantastic question, you see design is more than just looks; it has to deal also with performance enhancement. That is actually the case for this 87 Buick GNX. Buick did a complete overhaul on this car by fitting it with bigger brakes, a stiffer suspension and, most importantly, a turbocharged 3.8 liter V 6. This improvement made the Grand National one of the fastest cars of its era, and that s even comparing it too cars like of the Lamborghinis and Ferraris. No exaggeration folks; this car was a performing beast! The 1987 GNX contributed its speed to a larger turbo and intercooler, less restrictive exhaust and a quicker shifting automatic transmission. As far as looks go who can argue with black on black? This paint scheme makes the car look sharp, dark, and in charge.

Buick Grand National
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