fast and furious cars in the world

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1971 Jensen Interceptor

Fast and Furious Cars in the world

Everyone expected The Fast and The Furious to be a popular movie, but no one expected it to spawn.
1971 Jensen Interceptor

What makes this car so furiously designed is that it really looks like someone was furious while designing it. There is a painfully obvious lack of shine, glimmer, color and bling (In other words, no sugar, spice or anything nice). But, some people don t mind the pain, at least we don t. This bare bone designed car looks rough and ready to take beating. The producers decided to leave Letty s Jensen finished in matte gray, with massive side pipes dumping out just forward of the rear wheels. This interceptor also comes equipped with GM LS3? V8 crate engines straight out of the GM Performance Parts catalog. To give you a perspective, that s the same 6.2 liter engine that s standard in the Chevrolet Camaro SS and rated at 430 horsepower.

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