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Beating anxiety

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Beating anxiety

Aging means change, whether as a result of emotional loss, physical ailments, or mental decline. And for most of us, change brings anxiety. A Dutch study found that anxiety goes hand in hand with depression as we grow older, with women at greater risk than men. Since anxiety can be a risk factor in many diseases, it pays to conquer it by adopting any natural approaches that work for you.
Burn essential oils with aromas that calm the mind and restore the spirit.
Use candle meditation to see the flame of life burning bright within.

Beating anxiety Prevent panic attacks
A good night s sleep How much do you need
Banishing backache Talking to God
Community spirit Talk to someone new
Protecting bones Broccoli for bones
A good night s sleep Limit caffeine
Boosting immunity Eat garlic
Positive thinking Just play
Healthy heart Giving and receiving
Positive thinking Laughter benefits
Keeping joints moving Keep exercising
Detoxing Detox with the seasons
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