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Boosting immunity Eat garlic

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Boosting immunity Eat garlic

As soon as you feel symptoms of a cold, add two raw cloves of garlic a day to food for its antiviral properties: grate onto toast with olive oil and fresh tomato, add to salad dressings, or stir into pasta before serving. Use until symptoms subside. Use fresh garlic in cooking through the year to strengthen the body's defenses against viruses.

Lifting mood Skullcap tea
Protecting bones Homeopathic health
Protecting bones Change to brown rice
What menopause Eat phytestrogens
Positive thinking Manage anger
De stressing Turn off the TV
Beating anxiety Money troubles
Protecting bones
What menopause Janu sirsasana
Healthy heart Take up saunas
De stressing Productive jams
Keeping joints moving Avoid red meat
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