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Healthy heart Just chill

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Healthy heart Just chill

Those who are quick to anger may be more at risk of heart attack, angina, heart failure, or stroke. Feeling angry in middle age makes you more than twice as likely to suffer heart disease and heart attacks later in life than if you maintain a calm disposition. Adopt strategies that stop you from reacting with hostility to stressful situations or people: counting to 10, taking a deep breath, calling a friend, or lunchtime kick-boxing sessions.

Keeping joints moving Learn t ai chi
Beating anxiety Prevent panic attacks
Keeping joints moving Get spiritual
Positive thinking Just play
What menopause Cooling relaxation
Community spirit Eat locally
Stop Smoking Involve professionals
Boosting immunity Yoga for the overtired
Stop Smoking Eat your greens
Lifting mood Choose good fats
Detoxing Balancing fluids
What menopause Visit a homeopath
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