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Healthy heart Work those calves

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Healthy heart Work those calves

Calf exercise acts like invisible support hose, sending blood back to the heart and so relieving (and preventing) varicose veins. Find hills to walk up and perform calf lifts when standing in lines. At your desk flex and extend your feet and, keeping your heels down, lift and lower your toes. Spend time daily with feet raised above your head (resting against a wall or sofa).

A good night s sleep Limit caffeine
Stop Smoking
Healthy prostate Drink pomegranate juice
Healthy prostate Chilli cure
Boosting immunity Wrap up well
Positive thinking Laughter benefits
Stop Smoking You need friends
Community spirit Make friends in faith
Good digestion Top homeopathic constipation remedies
Stop Smoking Involve professionals
Boosting immunity Brew ginger tea
Community spirit Flower power
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