Gandhi Jayanti
Gandhi Jayanti is a national holiday celebrated in India to mark the occasion of the birthday of Ga. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Quit India Movement Bharat Chodo Andolan or August Movement 1942
Quit India Movement (Bharat Chodo Andolan) or August Movement was one of the most important movements that had been led by Gandhi Ji. On August 8, 1942, Gandhi Ji addressed around 60,000 people at the Goawalia Tank Maidan in Mumbai and said to the people that this is a moment of Do or Die. He also said that stand by firmly on the demand of freedom, if you want to give free nation to the future generation. The Quit India Movement was effectively routed by British Government, but a strong reply came from their side after American President Winston Churchill pressurized them to fulfill the demands of Indian people. British government promised to give independence only after World War II and imposed a condition that the people of India would have to fight for them.

Indians accepted the proposal of British government and fought for them in the World War II.Gandhi Ji always struggled for the nation and finally on August 15, 1947 his long journey came into an end, when British government made way for freedom of India. It was an emotional moment when the whole nation stood together and celebrated the independence of India. But, the celebration came with the heart breaking partition of India. Under the leadership of Mohammad Ali Jinnah, Muslim community demanded for Pakistan. Gandhi Ji was completely broken and tried to persuade Jinnah and other people for taking back the demand of Pakistan. On January 31, 1948, he was shot by an extremist Nathuram Godse.

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