govardhan puja celebration

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Govardhan Puja Celebration

Govardhan Puja, also called Annakut (meaning a heap of grain), is celebrated as the day Krishna defe

Homams are puja performed for a particular deity by invoking Agni the God of Fire. Homam forms the essence of all the Karmas prescribed in the Vedams. The goal of Homam is to guide the man through the correct path.It is said that when the Lord Brahma (the Creator among the Trinity) created man, he also created Homam for man livelihood and his attainment of spiritual desires. The fundamental premise of Homam is derive from the Vedams, although according to Pursha Sookhtam. Vedams and Homams are eternal truth having neither beginning nor end, and are Apourusheyam (divine, not the creation of humans). Karmam(work or action) is an integral part of living.

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