greatest technological inventions of the past 25 years

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Consumer Digital Cameras

Greatest Technological Inventions of the Past 25 Years

The Greatest Technological Inventions of the Past 25 Years
Consumer Digital Cameras

It took a while for digital cameras to catch on, but once prices dropped in the mid 90s, the market exploded. What used to cost a couple stacks now costs a couple c notes. It has become one of the most viable consumer tech segments, with brands offering entire multi tiered lineups and a camera for each and every price point. The only bad thing about everyone having a digital camera? It s increasingly hard to get drunk and not have it wind up on the Internet the next day.

Optical Computer Mouse
Mobile Broadband
Wi fi
Touch Screen revolution
Satellite Radio
LED Headlights
Instant Messaging
Home Audio Editing
The World Wide Web
Hybrid Cars
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