greatest technological inventions of the past 25 years

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Greatest Technological Inventions of the Past 25 Years

The Greatest Technological Inventions of the Past 25 Years

In 1993, there were two competing digital video disc standards duking it out for industry domination: Multimedia Compact Disc, backed by Sony and Philips (the guys behind Blu Ray), and Super Density disc which was backed by Toshiba, Time Warner, Pioneer, and JVC. Thankfully, looking to avoid another format war, dudes at IBM decided to convince the two warring sides to come together and develop a single standard. What we got was the more acronym friendly digital video disc. Able to hold up to 9.4 GB (double layer), it changed the way we watched video.

Optical Computer Mouse
Online Stock Trading
Electronic Tolls
Touch Screen revolution
SMS Text Messaging
Consumer Digital Cameras
Digital SLR
Instant Messaging
Color Plasma Display
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