healthy knee

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Do some single leg work

Healthy Knee

Do some single leg work

Lets focus briefly on point number four. Remember how we discussed above that those with knee issues need to improve general quadriceps strength, and also need to improve gluteal strength as well? For these reasons alone, single-leg exercises can do wonders for preventing (or rehabilitating) injuries. Beyond that, far too many of us stick solely to the big exercises in the gym. Im all for big squats, good mornings, and pulls, but single-leg exercises move us out of the sagittal plane and force our bodies to learn stabilization patterns in the frontal plane. Im a firm believer that the better our stability is in the frontal (and transverse) planes, the better well be able to perform in sagittal plane exercises.In laymans terms, the more proficient you are at single-leg exercises, the better you can become at double-leg exercises.

Single Calf Raise
Get your glutes and hamstrings stronger
Work your inner thighs
Purchase some knee sleeves
Want healthy knees Focus on ankle and hip mobility
Forget about isolating the VMO
Dont be afraid to isolate after traumatic injury
Pace Yourself
Quadriceps Stretch
Rest up
Be aware
First try non surgical options
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