how to clean jewelry

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Bring water to a boil

How to Clean Jewelry

How to Clean Gold Jewelry. Unlike silver, gold doesn't develop a dull tarnished finish over time.
Bring water to a boil

You dont need to boil much water just enough to submerge all of the jewelry in. As youre waiting for the water to boil, set your gold jewelry in a sturdy bowl or another vessel that wont be damaged by boiling water. Pyrex or metal cooking bowls/dishes are good choices. Arrange jewelry in the dish or bowl so that no piece of jewelry is covering up another piece water should be able to reach every piece of jewelry.

Rinse generously in clean water
Gently scrub the jewelry with a soft bristle
Know when to clean with ammonia
Rinse the jewelry thoroughly under running water
how to clean jewellery
Freshen your pearls
Aluminum Foil
Cleaning Jewelry with Toothpaste
Wipe the jewelry with a wet soapy cloth
Denture Tablets
Protect Diamond Rings from Chlorine
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