how to look younger

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Reduce stress as much as you can

How to Look Younger

Look younger, You can't stop time, you can turn back the clock to achieve more youthfullooking hair
Reduce stress as much as you can

It s a fact that a stressful lifestyle will make you tired and unhappy, and will give you wrinkles. Try to reduce the number of responsibilities you have, and find new ways of coping with life s demands. Try taking at least an hour a day to chill out and do something such as relaxing in the bath with a good book, or to watch your favorite TV program. Though it s impossible to fully eliminate stress from your life, even if you live on a tropical paradise and have found a bag full of money, you can take steps to minimize the stress you re feeling.

Moisturize after cleansing
Cover up your greys
Wear pink grapefruit scented perfume
Get lots of sleep
Wear bright colors
Eat food that makes you look younger
Use sun protection daily
Exfoliate your skin
Choose a gentle facial cleanser
Maintain good posture
Dress for your age and body shape
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