how to remove dark circles tips

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Thin skin under the eyes

How to Remove Dark Circles Tips

Tip to reduce the dark circles which is a big problem in the youth nowadays.
Thin skin under the eyes

Skin under the eyes is thinner than skin elsewhere (half a millimeter or less, as opposed to about two millimeters), and so is more transparent; it shows the blood vessels underneath more clearly than other skin does. Skin under the eyes may be even more transparent if it is pale due to anemia or pregnancy. The blood beneath it appears bluish rather than reddish because skin transmits blue light better than other colors. Thus skin around the eyes may appear bluish, brownish, or even greenish, depending on a persons basic skin color.

Cold Compress
Creams For Dark Circles
Use a frozen spoon
Life StyleFactors
Treat yourallergies
Mental or physical stress
Cosmetic Solutions
Nutritional Causes
Apply cool tea bags or an ice cube wrapped in soft cloth to your eyes daily
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