ideas to boost business

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Ideas to Boost Business

A collection of practical business, financial, legal and personal tips to help your business survive
Know Who Your Customers Are
Promote With Postcards
Create A Survey
Use A Two Step Approach
Say Happy Birthday
Team Up With Another Business
Be Consistent And Committed
Use The Telephone
Raise Your Prices
Promote Trends or Current Events
Add Personality To Your Business
Use Deadlines
Fear Of Not Having Your Product
Use The Media
Make Advertising Last
Examine Promotional Materials
Make A Memorable Business Card
Thank You Magic Words
A Business Card For All Employees
Do What The Winners Do
Throw A Party
Give A Gift
Three Secrets Of Marketing
Dont Try To Make Money
Establish A Board Of Champions
Use A Dipstick Now And Then
Never Assume
Take Little Bites
Use the Public Library
Use One Media To Direct Your Customer To Another
Invite Complaints About Your Business Or Product
The 100 percent Perfect Problem
Start A Swipe File
So It Must Be Important To Our Customers
Give Your Customers More Than They Expected
Use Suppliers And Vendors For Information
Pay Attention To People With Disabilities
Know The Demographics Of Your Sales Area
Subscribe To Industry Magazines
Subscribe to Magazines
Join Organizations That Can Help You
What If I Cant Match A Competitors Offer
Track Your Clients Special Needs
Make Sure Your Clients Can Reach You
Learn More About Your Customers
Be An Expert
Write Sales Letters
Listen To Your Customers
Use Personalized Post
Rate Your Customers For Surprising Results
Marketing Is Not A Battle Of Products Its A Battle Of Perceptions
The Best Way To Succeed Is To Ignore The Competition
Be Tenacious In Your Vision
Tips For Magazine Advertising
Is Bigger Better
When emotion and reason come into conflict
Look Outside Your Industry For The Best In class Examples
The Two Basic Tenents Of Selling
The Most Important Order
Best Seller In The Upper Left
Know Your Audience
Get On The Ball
Beware Of The Negative
Focus On The Smaller Market
Direct Mail
Newspaper Specials
Newspaper Placement
Newspaper Ad Design
Save With The Professional Designer
Some Tips To Remember When Using Photos In The Newspaper
Look Like News In The Newspaper
Service Business And Home Based Businesses
Use Scan Ads
Use The Service Organizations You Belong To
Say Thanks For The Memory
There Are Always Two Sides To Any Story
Theres More Than One Paper
Walk A Mile In My Shoes
Make It Easy
Weekly Info
How To Get Serious Shoppers To Visit Your Virtual Sales Room
Users go off line to ring up high ticket sales
Make Your Page Fast
Why Do Customers Go To Websites
Dont Overdo The Technology
Bring Em Back For More
Use Banners And Links To Get Noticed
Put Your Website Address Everywhere
Can you animate your ad
Copyright Your Web Page
Search Engines
Ts And Cs
Include A Guest Book
Update Your Site Often
Ads And Banners
On Line Publications
Holidays and Special Events on the Web
Surf The Web
Expect Criticism And Welcome It
Intellectual Property
Dont Forget The Kids
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